35 Simple but Gorgeous Professional Work Dresses Ideas

Simple But Gorgeous Professional Work Dresses Ideas06

As a professional woman, first impressions count and what you wear to work will be very important in otters of your own confidence and how other judge and relate to you. You will want to look smart, organised and competent but also perhaps show a bit of your own style and who you are. Here are ten top style tips for professional women.

1. Be aware of the dress codes – many professions and firms will have strict dress codes both written and unwritten that you should adhere. You can read employee handbooks and contracts to see what the written rules are but the best way to work out the unwritten rules is to observe what others are wearing. If in doubt, it is usually best to play it safe.

2. Choose classic styles – not only do classic styles of clothing usually look more professional than high fashion pieces, they will also not go out of fashion so will be a much better investment.

3. Invest in a few key pieces – by spending a little more on a few pieces that will form the basis of your wardrobe, you can ensure a really smart working wardrobe. Spend a little more on tailored items like jackets and trousers and you can afford to buy less expensive blouses and tops.

4. Aim for the perfect fit – One of the most important aspects of your work wear wardrobe is how well it fits. It is well worth employing the services of a tailor to alter any items that do not fit perfectly.

5. Pick colours that suit – although dress codes may limit the colours that you can wear, you may be able to add a few colourful accessories. Work out which are your best colours and stick to these to give yourself a complexion that glows.

6. Avoid revealing clothes – for almost ever professional work place, very short skirts and low cut tops will not be accepted. For some even sleeveless tops or dresses are considered inappropriate. These sorts of clothes are best kept for outside of work where they will not draw attention away from the fantastic work that you are doing.

7. Opt for practicality and comfort – choosing clothes that you feel happy and comfortable in is key to feeling confident. They should not only look good but also be easy and comfortable to wear. Some of the key things to consider is how easily and comfortably you can walk in shoes, whether you will be to hot or cold and whether waistbands are too tight.

8. It’s all in the detail – people will notice those little things about you like how clean your shoes are, how well pressed your shirt is. Paying attention to those details says a lot about how you work.

9. Get organised – looking stylish is all about being organised and making sure that you have the right clothes accessories available to wear each day. A large stylish multipurpose handbag is a great way to carry your belongings including a laptop and paperwork.

10. Pay attention to your whole self – looking stylish is not just about how you look on the outside; it is also about how you feel on the inside. However busy you are you should make sure that you find time to look after yourself and your health. A balanced happy person will always look so much more stylish than a drained or stressed person.


36 Classy Trendy Mens Jeans Outftis Ideas

Classy Trendy Mens Jeans Outftis Ideas12

Jeans are one of the most preferred outfits for men for a comfortable and effortless causal style. Mens jeans fashion and trends keep changing though not as fast as women jeans. However, you can come across wide variety even in this ranging from cuffed jeans, skinny, straight leg cut etc.

• Coloured Jeans are back in fashion this season. Guys are trying out coloured denims and not just sticking to the traditional black and blue denims. Having said that, blue one are still the most popular category of jeans worn by men.

• Wearing white or off-white jeans is found perfect for daytime events. It is also a good choice for summers, where one needs to avoid darker shades.

• Regular fit, straight cut and original fit are timeless and always in fashion with men as they look casual and effortless. Straight cut is comfortable as it is little looser around knees and calf making it a good choice for rugged daily use.

• Another upcoming trend is wearing cuffed one. Just rolling up your jeans by a single or double fold gives the cuffed jeans look.

• Slim cut jeans are also a choice of men these days. But, it is to be noted that there needs to be enough comfort fitting in the thigh and hip area with a slight hug around these areas and little loose fitting around ankles. Note that slim fit is different from skinny jeans. Skinny jeans are not suited for a masculine or macho personality as they resemble jeggings.

• Teaming up jeans with the right blazer is like adorning oneself with perfect celebrity style.

Do’s and Don’ts for Mens Jeans:

Choose a good brand. It will always make a remarkable difference. Levi’s Strauss, Lee and Wrangler are some famous and reliable brands. Choose a versatile colour that goes well with different jackets, shirts and t-shirts.

This will make the jeans really useful as you can wear it often. A general rule is that lighter one look good in the daytime and darker shades of jeans are more suited for evenings and party wear. A good belt adorns the look of your jeans. So it is best to choose a stylish belt.


• Dressing in jeans is not appropriate at formal occasions or meetings.

• Try jeans before buying. I will fitted jeans can look really bad and shabby. Jeans being a casual wear is best when it can give a comfortable feeling.

• Don’t be over fashionable with your jeans. This is a very casual form of clothing and one does not need to try hard with making it more fashionable. Over accessorizing like too many chains or embellishments on Jeans does not look good.

• Choose a colour that suits you. Do not just pick the first jeans on the rack. Even in blue, you can choose the shade that suits you.


38 Stylish Casual Mens Outfits Ideas to Wear in Fall Season

Stylish Casual Mens Outfits Ideas To Wear In Fall Season31

If your casual wear wardrobe consists of sports jerseys and flip flops, it’s definitely time to reassess. The world of men’s casual wear is infinitely more varied, interesting, and sophisticated. So put down the ripped tees and step away! Here are five staples that every man should have in his casual wear wardrobe.

1. Patterned cotton button down shirts:
Yes, a white oxford shirt is classic. But you definitely need patterned shirts as well. Pinstripes, gingham and windowpane are all classic patterns that never go out of style. If you choose plaid, avoid flannel and look for a lighter fabric. A cotton plaid in a cheery color such as green or bright blue can be a great casual, everyday look.

2. Polo shirts:
There are two keys to finding a great polo shirt: one is the fabric, and two is the fit. Jersey fabrics are best left to rugby shirts (which are another great choice, by the way). Polo shirts wear well in a pique fabric, which is the kind that has a slightly heavy weight and feels textured to the touch.

Look for pima cotton pique polo shirts, and make sure that the shoulder seem hits the actual top of your shoulder. If the shoulder seem droops down your arm, the shirt is too big. For warm weather, a solid colored polo shirt with madras shorts is an easy casual look. For colder weather, polos are versatile and can be worn with jeans or chinos.

3. Skinny ties:
The 1950s and early 1960s were high points in history for men’s casual wear. From this period, we take the skinny tie. The skinny tie can be one of the most versatile tie styles. A skinny tie in a matte, solid color such as black, blue, gray, or brown can add just the right touch to your ensemble of dark wash jeans, button down shirt and vest. Try it on your next date.

4. Retro inspired outerwear:
Recent decades brought about the popularity of the hoodie. However, a hoodie can be considered looking sloppy compared to other casual shirt options. For outerwear, look for modern takes on vintage inspired pieces.

The lettermen’s jacket has recently made a huge comeback, and looks great layered over a pair of chinos and a fitted crewneck cotton sweater. Retro inspired shoes are a great look, too. Look for fashion sneakers in canvas, such as Frye Men’s Greene Lowe Sneakers; or leather, such as Diesel Footwear’s Leather and Suede Midday Sneakers.

5. Denim:
Dark wash denim should be a staple of every man’s wardrobe. It works in both pants and jackets. When selecting jeans, look for trouser jeans, which fit the widest part at the hip then go straight down; or boot cut jeans, which flare out just slightly at the bottom. Avoid anything that is acid washed, faded or distressed.

Tips for wearing these casual pieces:

  • Always tuck in polo shirts and button down shirts that hang on or below the hip.
  • Wear only one denim item at a time.
  • If you are attending an event and not sure how dressy it will be, bring a sport jacket and a tie. These can instantly take an outfit from casual to dressy casual.
  • Layer retro inspired outerwear over modern pieces to keep the look relevant.
  • You can never go wrong with a cotton button down shirt, chinos, a fitted cashmere sweater, brown oxfords, and a navy blue sport jacket. This look can take you from the office, to a networking event, to a date or drinks with your friends.


40 Classy and Casual Jumpsuit Ideas Every Women Will Love

Classy And Casual Jumpsuit Ideas Every Women Will Love39

The 1980’s fashion was marked by women’s jumpsuits and rompers. It was very common to wear these dresses casually as well as on formal occasions. However, as time went by, fashioned evolved and jumpsuits temporarily became less popular.

In the last couple of years, however, they have come back with a bang! Thanks to some modern designers who are committed to recreating the 80’s fashion trends, women’s jumpsuits are now becoming a common favorite again. In fact, the best part is that these are equally popular among young girls and older women.

Many people think of casual denim rompers when they think of jumpsuits. However, these can actually be great for formal occasions, provided that you are wearing them the right way. For example, you can go for a suit with a uniform print.

You can then wear this with formal heels and a jacket! While you may think that a jacket does not go well with a women’s jumpsuit, it can actually be a great combination.

Make sure that you go for a formal coat or jacket in a subtle color. Do not bring in spring colors in jumpsuits. Remember that this style is ideal when adopted in a formal, elegant and feminine fashion.

Secondly, you must remember not to go overboard with the 80’s fashion. For example, while going for rustic prints is absolutely great, you should avoid typical styles like pinstripes. In fact, a pinstriped jumpsuit is probably one of the worst styles you can go for. Unless you can make it work, you should rather leave the stripes alone and go for a more elegant style.

A thing you must remember about jumpsuits is the fabric. Yes, the fabric matters just as much as the style of the dress itself. This is because the style of the dress and the fabric go hand in hand. If one goes wrong, it can totally ruin the other.

For example, while cotton is a great fabric, it may not be ideal if your suit has a draping neckline. In such a case, you should go for materials like satin, which will give off a more flowing and elegant look. Also, another tip you should remember is to leave the overall look as it is supposed to be.

While we all like to bring some innovations in older styles, jumpsuits look that best when worn the typical way. Therefore, avoid mixing them with ideas like tights or shorts. Nothing beats an appropriately tailored formal women’s jumpsuit!


42 Stylish Nike High Heels Suitable for Spring and Summer

Stylish Nike High Heels Suitable For Spring And Summer41

Did you know that there is a pair of Nike Dunk SB sneakers that are tribute to San Francisco, the legendary Embarcadero of Herman Smith Plaza, the home of the historical skateboarding instant? Historically, you will find several such instances attributable to Nike.

Nike Dunk SB isn’t only the highly sold sneakers by Nike but is also quite interesting going by how it was carefully planned, designed and marketed even to this day. From the perspective of the company, clinging onto its market leadership is all what Nike should do like how it did for Nike Air Jordans.

Nike Dunk SB is also a highly counterfeited sneaker to have been released by Nike, a fact that testifies for its never-before popularity. The other much-abused model Nike Air Jordans in the entire series can only match the quantum of the menace.

The notional acceptance goes like this, that both Nike Dunk SB and Nike Air Jordans are released only once every year so as to maintain the high market value that opens the floodgates for counterfeiters.

Fine, look at other simplistic crazes Nike Dunk SB commands. Most of them boast of funny nicknames, some given by the fans while very few are by the company; strangely, nicknames of some of them are even unknown.

While the nicknames help sneakerheads passionately identify them, they help buyers judge Nike Dunk SB shoes by their well-known information, colorful panels or pinstripes, heel, and solid colors of toe cup.

SB Dunk invariably uses premium leather, which is hard to match by fakes. How else can the looks of ostrich be matched unless you are using the exact same materials and processing? See for yourself whether hemp Dunk SB that features hemp uppers in addition to a Forrest Green Nike swoosh can be copied successfully? Naturally, and many of these also draw finely from Nike Air Jordans, which complicates the matters for counterfeiters.

On the other hand, some of the SB Dunks get released in Hawaii ahead of release in America. This is a custom built situation for fake masters who clandestinely sneak the look-alikes into the US. Models like Nike Dunk SB Blazer are first released in Europe and will be brought to USA much later.

I am also appalled at the fervent way sneakerheads squander their savings over every SB release, which they hardly wear, if ever. A small time SB junky, even if he has started off with one pair, will do everything to buy more as he moves on, otherwise, there is always ways to remodel old models by painting, replacing the swoosh and/or laces, heel cups etc that make it look even more crazy while still being original. So you have a custom Nike Dunk SB and a new valuation for it.

By the end of the day, regardless of the position Nike Dunk SB enjoys, persuasive marketing isn’t ever going to be helpful in the long run which results in further consolidation of consumers leading to intensification of their faiths in friendly referrals or unfortunately falling for hype that encircles the brand.


44 Outstanding Summer Outftis Ideas for Teen Girls

Outstanding Summer Outftis Ideas For Teen Girls06

Teenagers today are lucky to have all the options they have out there for them. A lot of past generations never thought that in their puberty years they could count with the vast variety of clothing you can see now. It is such a big category, that not only specialized boutiques, but also famous department stores and fashion chains like Gap and Old Navy have an area specifically made for these young future fashionistas.

The most fun part of all results that since there are so many loose pieces, teenagers can combine them with whatever they choose to for creating a unique and particular style. This summer, mini skirts and shorts are ideal to combine with shirts in vibrant color graphics or solids. It is also practical to wear fabrics like cotton, linen or jersey because of the warm weather.

The first day of school is always the perfect excuse to go shopping for a new closet full of new styles that everyone at school will want to borrow or at least ask where it is from. It is the first time friends will see each other after a whole summer so it is important to give a good impression. Some of the basic rules are:

Keep it simple
Be trendy but don’t go overboard.
The first thing to wear should be confidence.

Teenagers today have the same look that adults are offered but in different colors and lengths, this way, they don’t feel left apart as young women, after all, that is exactly what they are. Their styles should be fresh and funky, like an adaptation of the original but cooler.

One important advice is that trends are always good in moderation, famous teenagers are always on everyone’s eye for either criticizing or other teenagers to want to follow their footsteps, what they wear is really important since every girl wants to be like them. Fashion is like a mood ring, girls should always wear what they want and what they feel comfortable with.

Maybe the most entertaining part of playing with fashion at a young age is the wide range of accessories available; handmade thread bracelets or leather cuff bracelets can bring that special touch to each outfit. Sandals, sneakers or flip flops are also an important factor for a different look.

There are so many selections to choose from in shoe styles that each and every one of them can make the same outfit seem different. Teenagers should never limit themselves to traditional combinations; they can be adventurous and find their own personal style so they never have to wear what everyone else is wearing. Teenager is the age to look for their true look.

Teenage boys can’t be forgotten, for them it is easier than for girls, they just take the trendiest jeans and pair them up with a nice logo tee and they are off to school. The important part of for the fashionable girl to tell them they look good.


46 Beautiful Wedding Hair Down Style Ideas With Headband

Beautiful Wedding Hair Down Style Ideas With Headband15

Many brides treat their hair almost as an afterthought when it comes to planning their look for their wedding day. However, the way your hair looks will need to be a complement to the rest of your wedding day attire or it can easily become an unfortunate focal point, if the look is not right.

Brides can keep a consistent style by incorporating wedding hair accessories into their hairstyle, which will help to tie their hairdo in with the rest of their ensemble.

Whether you typically wear your hair up or down, you might want to take time beforehand to experiment with different hair styles and a variety of accessories. You can play around with your hair and see how different looks accentuate the features of your face as well as your dress.

Be sure to allow yourself plenty of time to experiment before your wedding day. You do not want to wait until your wedding day to try a new hair style only to discover that it will not look the way you envisioned.

If you usually wear your hair down, try wearing it up while also using bridal hair pins or hair vines to give you a new look. A hair vine can be used as a bun wrap to keep your long hair up while also allowing wisps to fall down by your ears for a romantic look.

A hair pin can provide a focal point for your hair if you use one that has jewels or flowers attached to it. You can even have the flowers dyed to match the flowers of your bouquet.

Wearing your hair down during your wedding ceremony will add to the romantic atmosphere. You can add a headband to keep your hair off of your face and out of your way.

The headband can then be used to provide a decorative air to your hairstyle. If you use a headband, it can be as decorative or a plain as you want it to be. In many cases, brides will coordinate the headband with the jewelry featured on their dress or with the colors of the bridesmaids dresses.

You can really use your imagination to help pull together the look of your wedding when you use wedding hair accessories. Some brides will want their bridesmaids to wear the same type of hair accessories as they are wearing during their big day.

In many cases, the bride will use some added features on her headband which are not on the bridesmaids’ headbands in order to set her apart.


48 Most Popular Baby Boy Summer Outfits Ideas

Most Popular Baby Boy Summer Outfits Ideas37

Buying baby boy clothes is a joyous event; all those delicious mini outfits that just cry out to be touched and snuggled are just a delight to browse, and you will probably find that you end up purchasing a little more than you expected to!

Baby blue for boys is of course traditional, but choice is no longer limited to simple blue jumpsuits for boys and pink versions for girls. Babies today, whether they aware of it or not, have almost as much choice in the fashion stakes as their mums and dads do.

Many companies also now produce brilliantly funny baby clothes. Dressing the little man in a t-shirt emblazoned with humorous phrase provides a great talking point, and guarantees smiles galore for the baby.

When buying baby boy clothes for newborns, it’s often advisable to buy baby clothes which are meant for babies a few months of age, as new mums and dads are often bombarded with clothes for newborns in the immediate weeks after their arrival, and of course babies grow at an alarming rate, as much as an ounce a day in the first three months. This means that in just a few weeks mum is left with a pile of good-as-new clothing which no longer fits.

With Many baby clothing items, such as jumpsuits and shirts, you can get away with buying big. And if cost is the main concern, as it so often is with a new baby in the family, keep your eyes peeled for clothes in the sale meant for older infants, which can be utilized a few months down the line, saving you a small fortune.

Why not buy unisex clothes in the sale? Fortunately, babies aren’t fussy about fashion, and a little boy won’t be aware as to whether he is sporting baby boy clothes or those designed for a baby girl, so long as it’s comfortable.

There are simple ways to get the most wear out of baby girl and baby boy clothes. For example, it’s quite simple to eek extra life out of a jacket that has become too small for the infant by removing the sleeves and turning the garment into a waistcoat or gilet.

In the same way, jeans and trousers which are a little on the short side can be made into shorts for the summer months, and tiny white socks which become discolored with use can be brought back to life by boiling up with a slice of lemon.


50 Cute Summer Outfits Ideas For Teenage Girl

Cute Summer Outfits Ideas For Teenage Girl13

When the summer season begins and the weather warms up, it is hard not to go out running into the outdoors to enjoy the sun that has finally arrived. Of course, if you only have winter clothes for your daughter, then it may be a very warm summer. This is why, from time to time, you need to go out and buy summer girls outfits.

With nice outfits for your daughter, she will enjoy the summer that much more, but the trick is finding the right outfits for her. If you have a tween or a teenager, finding summer outfits can be a bit more difficult because of the changing need of the tween or teenager to stay with the new styles. What was popular last year may not be popular this year.

When you choose summer girls outfits, take the following into consideration:

1. What color does your daughter look best in? Certain colors do not work for everyone so make sure you take into considering the color of her eyes, the tone of her skin and the color of her hair. This will help you find something that compliments her features, rather than draws attention away from them.

2. What does your daughter like to wear? Does she prefer jeans, or in the summer does she like skirts? What kinds of tops does she prefer to wear and are there accessories you should think of getting with her summer girls outfits?

3. How old is your daughter? If she is 17, then you can probably buy for the size she is now. However, if your daughter is between 9 and 14, you may want to buy something that she will grow into. During puberty, her height and body shape will change drastically and you want to get a few years out of the summer girls outfits that you buy.

4. What are the styles right now? Usually it is pretty important for a teenager or tween to be up-to-date with fashion. As a result, find out what is popular now and then begin looking online for deals related to those items so you can get your daughter some great outfits that she will love.

Remember to talk to your daughter and find out what she wants to wear and what her tastes are. Maybe she doesn’t want to be completely up-to-date with fashion, or maybe she just wants to get some low-key summer dresses.

Whatever she wants, you should be able to find something for her that matches her style.


49 Fantastic Summer Maternity Outfits Ideas

Fantastic Summer Maternity Outfits Ideas35

Summer is a time when people feel more relaxed, laid back, and in the mood for fun. Summer maternity clothes follow this more relaxed, casual, fun trend. Summer maternity clothes need to perform many functions. First, they need to keep the wearer cool and comfortable. It’s already bad enough being big and pregnant throughout a hot summer so you don’t need to deal with uncomfortable, hot, constricting clothing.

Second, summer maternity clothes need to work for a wide variety of purposes from work to summer barbeques, and poolside parties to the beach. Finally, summer maternity clothes need to make the wearer look and feel fantastic. Fortunately, the latest summer maternity trends can serve all of these purposes!

Maternity dresses with lots of color are cute, comfy, and trendy for summer. Vibrant maxi dresses paired with sandals are a must-have look for summer. Shorter, knee-length dresses look updated with ruffled hems, floral prints, and tie-dye. All of these looks are very versatile and can be dressed up or down with the right shoes and accessories.

A great pair of shorts is a summer staple. Maternity cargo shorts are trendy paired with cute summer tanks and tees. Also, cuffed shorts are a great look because they can be dressed up with wedge sandals and gold jewelry and accessories.

To keep shorts comfortable, look for stretchy, breathable cotton in a length you feel comfortable with so you don’t have to tug and pull at them all day. Maternity shorts, like maternity pants, come with either a panel to go over the tummy, or an elastic waistband that can be worn under the tummy.

Tanks are fantastic summer maternity wear because they look cute, they can be dressed up or down, and they keep you nice and cool on hot summer days. Printed tanks can be paired with shorts and sandals for a backyard barbeque or dressed up with a maxi skirt for an evening out.

Ruffled tanks can look dressy with a great pair of linen pants, and you can always throw a little cardigan over your tanks to add interest and to keep you warm on breezy summer nights.

Knee-length skirts are a perfect choice in the summer when you get sick of wearing shorts. Knee-length skirts with floral prints look dressy for summer weddings, and denim and cargo skirts can be worn with tanks, tees, and even bathing suits.

Jersey knit skirts also look cute and casual paired with tees and tanks for hot summer days. Knee-length skirts are a great way to show off your legs and get a summer tan. These cute skirts can take you from daytime activities like parades, shopping, and swimming to evening events like barbeques and casual evenings out.

With the right summer maternity wardrobe you will be prepared to hit all of the fun summer events looking your best. With certain key pieces, your summer outfits will be simple to put together, and they’ll look chic and sophisticated, as well as practical and fun.