Brilliant Womens Short Hairstyles With Bangs09
Brilliant Womens Short Hairstyles With Bangs09

39 Brilliant Womens Short Hairstyles With Bangs

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Short haircuts are the latest vogue; even celebrities opt for these bold and beautiful styles. Going short offers great versatility, and there are numerous different styles to choose from. Perhaps you should consider revamping or accessorizing your hairstyle with beautiful bangs.

Before you start snipping away, select a style that will complement your facial shape and the texture of your hair to achieve the ultimate short hairstyle. People often have the illusion that short hairstyles are maintenance free and less time consuming; thus be certain you make an informed decision.

Bangs, a.k.a. fringes, are versatile, fresh and gorgeous. It doesn’t matter if you have a jaw length or super short hairstyle, bangs will accentuate your facial features. Essentially there are three different categories when it comes to bangs, namely: side swept bangs, blunt bangs and very short bangs.

Side swept bangs are elegant and easily maintainable. Quite a few celebrities wear side swept bangs; stars such as Nicole Richie, Melissa Sagemiller and Rachel Melvin have immortalized this look. Bangs can be swept to either side, brow skimming in length or longer and they suit most hair textures.

When styling your fringe add some mousse, blow dry with a round brush and to avoid bouncy and puffy bangs blow some hot air downwards from the roots and brush them to one side. Finish off by adding some hairspray. If you have cowlicks try using a repeated left to right motion with a paddle brush blowing the air downwards, or alternatively use a straightening iron at the roots.

Blunt bangs are not for the faint of heart, as they are very bold and definitely make a profound statement. Patricia Arquette and Ashley Scott look fantastic with blunt bangs. This trend started in the 1920’s and is continuously escalating in popularity.

They are cut straight across and sometimes rounded at the edges. If you want to attract attention to your eyes, a brow skimming length will do the trick. When styling the bangs blow dry with a round brush and finish off by applying a small to medium straightening iron.

Very short bangs will defiantly draw attention to your eyes and they may be cut blunt or with different lengths. Alyssa Milano and Sharon Stone are a few celebrities who look fabulous with short bangs. Style the short bangs by directing the airflow of your dryer downwards and use your fingers, directing the hair in the required position. To define your textured bangs use some gel or pomade.