Simple But Gorgeous Professional Work Dresses Ideas06
Simple But Gorgeous Professional Work Dresses Ideas06

35 Simple but Gorgeous Professional Work Dresses Ideas

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As a professional woman, first impressions count and what you wear to work will be very important in otters of your own confidence and how other judge and relate to you. You will want to look smart, organised and competent but also perhaps show a bit of your own style and who you are. Here are ten top style tips for professional women.

1. Be aware of the dress codes – many professions and firms will have strict dress codes both written and unwritten that you should adhere. You can read employee handbooks and contracts to see what the written rules are but the best way to work out the unwritten rules is to observe what others are wearing. If in doubt, it is usually best to play it safe.

2. Choose classic styles – not only do classic styles of clothing usually look more professional than high fashion pieces, they will also not go out of fashion so will be a much better investment.

3. Invest in a few key pieces – by spending a little more on a few pieces that will form the basis of your wardrobe, you can ensure a really smart working wardrobe. Spend a little more on tailored items like jackets and trousers and you can afford to buy less expensive blouses and tops.

4. Aim for the perfect fit – One of the most important aspects of your work wear wardrobe is how well it fits. It is well worth employing the services of a tailor to alter any items that do not fit perfectly.

5. Pick colours that suit – although dress codes may limit the colours that you can wear, you may be able to add a few colourful accessories. Work out which are your best colours and stick to these to give yourself a complexion that glows.

6. Avoid revealing clothes – for almost ever professional work place, very short skirts and low cut tops will not be accepted. For some even sleeveless tops or dresses are considered inappropriate. These sorts of clothes are best kept for outside of work where they will not draw attention away from the fantastic work that you are doing.

7. Opt for practicality and comfort – choosing clothes that you feel happy and comfortable in is key to feeling confident. They should not only look good but also be easy and comfortable to wear. Some of the key things to consider is how easily and comfortably you can walk in shoes, whether you will be to hot or cold and whether waistbands are too tight.

8. It’s all in the detail – people will notice those little things about you like how clean your shoes are, how well pressed your shirt is. Paying attention to those details says a lot about how you work.

9. Get organised – looking stylish is all about being organised and making sure that you have the right clothes accessories available to wear each day. A large stylish multipurpose handbag is a great way to carry your belongings including a laptop and paperwork.

10. Pay attention to your whole self – looking stylish is not just about how you look on the outside; it is also about how you feel on the inside. However busy you are you should make sure that you find time to look after yourself and your health. A balanced happy person will always look so much more stylish than a drained or stressed person.