Popular Natural Make Up Ideas For Any Season19
Popular Natural Make Up Ideas For Any Season19

41 Popular Natural Make Up Ideas For Any Season

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In order to be attractive, you must give soft & bit natural look; but not without make-up. So, for getting natural look with make-up, you need to learn the art of that make-up. According to some psychologists, by the prominence of your skills and character you feel better. You change your attitude more positively and you build up the beauty of confidence. Doing gentle make-up no doubt enhances your beauty and confidence; by giving you the desired stunning looks.

Make-up should the light, to give you the soft look. Heavy make-up makes you to look odd at times. Heavy make-up is also not in demand these days. Especially casual, day time and office make-up must be simple but with a complete composition. It means that your make-up must cover your whole by enhances almost all the feature.

For achieving this task, first of all you need to know exactly about your skin type & complexion. There are majorly three types of complexions, fair, dark, and medium. Some beauticians also highlights brownish complexion. Always select the cosmetics, particularly base & foundation which is perfectly matching your skin.

Also if your skin is dry then prefer oil base foundation and if your skin is oily then prefer water base. Do not apply heavy foundation, as it will give you utmost artificial look. These precautions will keep your make-up long lasting and helps you to give natural look.

Another crucial way for natural make-up is to use light shades of cosmetics. This also requires matching with your skin and complexion. Fair colored women can go for shades in pink probably and those who have got brownish or bit dark shades should apply shades in brown. Especially your eye shades and lipstick shades must be according to the above given pattern.

Eye brows also plays very important role in shaping your eyes and eyes are considered as the most prominent feature of the face. So your eye brows must be neat and artistically fashioned. Black or gray eye pencil also helps you to make your eyes prominent with the soft look. Do not forget to apply mascara as well.

So ladies try some light & natural make-up look to have a balanced and attractive personality.