Hottest Ways To Wear Bomber Jacket For Women Ideas45
Hottest Ways To Wear Bomber Jacket For Women Ideas45

45 Hottest Ways To Wear Bomber Jacket For Women Ideas

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Accentuate your wardrobe and jazz up your style with the trendy and interesting fashion statement. Bomber jackets, unlike blazers, are less formal and look best when matched with crisp denim jeans.

Bomber jackets used to be a pilot’s flying jacket until it was used by civilians that’s why it’s also called as a ‘Flight Jacket.’ For so long, these have been associated with men. It can transform a person from boy to man, or an ordinary man to a hot, chick magnet. Through time, these type of jackets have also become a fashion garment for women to amplify their style or to show their hiphop side.

Below are some outfit ideas you can use. Let’s rock the streets and see how you can walk the smart way to wear your bomber jacket!

1. Pairing It Right

Pair it with a white or gray undershirt and skinny jeans.This is a great way to spark up your street style fashion, this time, cooler and exciting. But if you want to look sexier, then you can flaunt a little abs by wearing a white high neck crop top opposite a skinnies.

2. Seasonal Jacket

For a more summer feels, why not sports a floral type of jacket with a crop top as an undershirt and pair it with a denim distressed shorts. You can complete your sporty but sexy outfit by wearing a boots or sneakers. During winter you can put on a tee or blouse under the flight jacket and then boyfriend jeans. Get it done with combat boots for women. These jackets are great alternative for trench coats during rainy seasons or winter.

3. For Girly Weekends

You can wear your leather flight jacket over a striped blouse, which is tucked in a skater or A-line skirt. You may also accessorize your floral dress or shift dress with a jacket. There are also glittered flight jackets, which you can pull off at parties, by wearing it over a little black dress or maxi skirts.

4. Work Outfits.

It complements the professional look and makes it more edgy. Sparkle up your office look by showing up in a straight cut dress or separates like a classy blouse and trousers or pencil skirts. Don’t forget to pair it with a killer combo that is a fabulous pair of heels.

5. Not Black Alone

There are several designs and patterns you can find online or in your favorite shops. It comes in leather, lace and fabric. You will also find different patterns of jackets, which include plain white, black and brown, color blocks, crocheted, floral, embroidered, leopard, varsity, and a whole lot more.

Bomber jackets are definitely versatile. It is an all-around garment you can wear for some athletic or sporty feels. The leather ones are also ideal for some rebellious and hiphop looks. Moreover, tailored ones make great ensemble for classy and vintage looks. A bomber or flight jacket is indeed every woman’s must-have.