Cheap Flirty Ruffle Outfit Summer Ideas30
Cheap Flirty Ruffle Outfit Summer Ideas30

47 Cheap Flirty Ruffle Outfit Summer Ideas

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When you are looking for an outfit to wear to a concert, it depends on the type of concert it is since they are mostly different. Once you can identify the concert genre, you will be able to put a nice outfit together. It is that easy.

How to Begin

Start dressing from the bottom first until you get to the top. This means that your shoes should be the deciding factor on what outfit you will end up wearing. Remember that even if you have seats, you probably will be standing most of the night because of all the excitement and fun.

Therefore, be sure to wear comfortable shoes. No high heels, please! You will end up taking them off anyway. Wedges and closed-toe flats would probably be safe and allow you to stand for longer hours. Avoid sandals, even if it is summertime.

You may have someone step on your toes while in this tight space. Of course, you can opt for some fashionable boots, depending on the season and what you are wearing. If you wear boots, then you can choose some fabulous jeans to go with it.

Creating a Fashionable Look

Now that you have your shoes picked out, create a sophisticated look if you will be wearing wedges. Skinny jeans, peplum dress or a maxi skirt could be a viable option. Boots can go with a mini skirt as well as colored jeans.

Your top should be flirty and fun. Of course, you could wear white T-shirt with a pair of jeans to look chic. Or you could wear a top with ruffles for a more interesting look. If you choose to wear a mini skirt, a tank top could work to give you that ‘rocker chick,’ appearance – that is if you are going to a rock concert.

Dresses are also appropriate for a concert, but avoid wearing a shift dress. Instead, go for a dress that fits closer to the body, but not too tight because you don’t want to trip and have everything exposed. A maxi dress would also be ideal, but wear a bolero or jacket over it to give it more appeal for a night concert.

Don’t forget your accessories, which should include a few bracelets, earrings, layered necklaces and a scarf, if it is warranted. Now, let’s talk about the hair and the makeup. Be sure to have hairdo and makeup to match your outfit. Red lipstick, smoky eye shadow, lip liner and mascara will put you in the concert mode. You can wear your hair straight or with loose curls or you can braid it. The choice will be yours.


The main priority is to have a fun and enjoyable night. Let down your conservative approach if you are one of those people. How you dress will put you in the mood for that. So spend a few weeks planning your outfit until you get it just the way you want it!

Have you ever been to a concert? What kind was it and what did you wear? Give us some ideas that we can work with by going directly to our website to leave your comments and get more information on how we can help you.