Stunning Bead Bracelet As An Accessory Your Fashion Ideas14
Stunning Bead Bracelet As An Accessory Your Fashion Ideas14

35 Stunning Bead Bracelet As An Accessory Your Fashion Ideas

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Beaded Bracelets

It are the most common fashion accessories today. It has been used as fashion accessories ever since ancient times. This accessory had changed in terms of appearance and value as the bead materials have evolved. Replicating antique and original and traditionally selling as well as buying these bracelets over the Internet along with Native American artisans is still a famous trend.

History of Beaded Bracelets

Bracelets are found along with the remains of almost all cultures. For instance, beaded bracelets of Ancient Egyptians were found on the arms of the mummy Tuntankhamun. It found on this specific mummy were made from glass, wood, gold as well as other materials.

This type of jewelry were extremely significant in the American Indian history. The prehistoric Indians in southwest America mined turquoise and used its shells so as to create this type of bracelet. The ancient traditions of crafting these pieces are still followed until today though there had been a trend for affordable copies of the original beadwork in the 1980s.

Functions of Beaded Bracelets

Throughout cultures and history, It are used as currency, decoration as well as a symbol of religion membership or other groups. The beaded bracelets of Native American Indians were used as accessories for their clothing. The bracelet’s value greatly depends on the value of the material used.

Semi-precious stones along with turquoise shells are highly valued in ancient times. This accessory are presently often used as accessories or beautification purposes in order to add accent to fashion and clothes.

There are many methods to making this jewelry, and modern beads emerged like those made of high quality glass, polymer clay or hard plastic. Many women are taking it up now as a hobby and as a way to earn money from it when sold in the market.

Features of Beaded Bracelets

There are distinct and clear features that make the traditional and antique beaded bracelets stand out from the rest. Most of these are made from seashell beads along with stones, amber and turquoise. It could also be made out of teeth, animal bones, ivory and copper.

The traditional designs incorporate glass after the locals had contact with Europeans from the early 18th century. Newer bead designs may include pictures or other forms of art. The beadwork of Native Americans are handmade therefore the beads may not be sized identically. Animal hide or other similar materials are used for it in order to string them together.

Types of Beaded Bracelets

The types of beaded bracelets differ according to the origin of the culture. Beaded made from Native Americans reflect the designs and colors that are important to each individual or tribe it was made for. For instance, when the beaded bracelet has a bear claw design, then it most likely belongs to a hunter and the bear claw resembles the power of that hunter.

Religious bracelets are made to be used in prayer, or worn to make one feel more secured. A good example is the rosary bracelet for each bead symbolizes a specific prayer. Nowadays, there are different handmade bracelets including those that feature wooded beads, friendship beads as well as precious beads and a lot more.