Lovely Winter Outfits Ideas Girls Night16
Lovely Winter Outfits Ideas Girls Night16

43 Lovely Winter Outfits Ideas Girls Night

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Its two degrees on a Saturday night, the streets are wet, the rain is pissing down and still girls out on the town having fun in various bars and nightclubs and insist on wearing well, not much at all!OK, so I’m not a total grandma. I’m like the next girl and absolutely love slipping on a hot little black dress with straps and not much of a skirt, but that’s in summer time. Winter comes and I’m all about the tights with long tops, boots and jeans with gorgeous coats.

Fine, I get it! Some of the winter fashion just isn’t nice and it is such a pain to have to wear warm outfits only to strip them off when you get into the hot and sweaty bars and nightclubs, but its winter girls and there are ways to look great without catching pneumonia.

Girls here is some advice [boys are excluded from this post – you guys can always be warm and still look great]. Boots are always classy and keep the toes warm. Black tall ones with a heal work well while jeans can either be worn over them or tucked incite the boots. Some personal favourite pieces of mine during the colder months are beaded cardigans; brightly colored scarf’s or sequenced pashminas.

Coats are hot in winter. Yes, they are a pain to hold at the bar or on the nightclubs dancefloor, but they are amazing for when you get outside in the cold and more often than not, winter time sees lots of wet weather so coats are a sure way of keeping dry.

Coats with pockets are great for storing money, ID, phones and keys. Wearing a hot semi-revealing dress under a cote means you’ll be warm outside and just the right temperature to party when you get inside the bars and clubs. Currently, I’m loving the latest collection of tribal prints from Seduce – seems like even retailers are capitalizing on South Africa’s hosting of the World Cup. If the threads at Seduce are a little out of your price range, head to Dotti for cheaper, but very cute outfits for between $10 and $50.

Jeans are another staple during the winter. While for me, jeans are my favorite thing all year round, for some, winter is the only season some of us opt to pull the denim out of the closet. I say go for skinny legs so you can tuck them into boots and I absolutely love brands like Sass & Bide and Bettina Liano, while Marc Jacob’s [UK], provides swish jeans and Levi from the US are a great fit that is, if you are like me and you aren’t a stick figure.

Sure, carrying stuff around with you can be such a pain, but here are a few tips for what to do with your stuff while having a top night. If your out in a group, get a few to sit with the bags, jackets etc while the rest of you go and shake it on the¬†nightclub¬†dance floor and take turns to mind everyone’s belongings.

If everyone is keen for a boogie though, it is an idea to stand around in a circle while you dance the night away, leaving your stuff in the middle of the floor in everyone’s vision. Leaving your stuff with staff in the cloakroom is always an idea, but does sometimes come with a fee. If all else fails, and this isn’t really what we’d suggest, but you could always leave your stuff with bar staff. Either way, girls, cover up!