Popular Winter Outfits Ideas Blonde Hair24
Popular Winter Outfits Ideas Blonde Hair24

47 Popular Winter Outfits Ideas Blonde Hair

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If you’re addicted to the black in your wardrobe, check out the colouring types below to find out what is the most flattering way to wear it.


The lights have naturally blonde hair, fair skin and light blue, green or grey eyes. When light women are young (in their 20s) many will admire the contrast between the colour of their hair and black clothing but as they mature, black will look heavy and ageing and show up fine lines. If you are light and want to wear black go for black lace with a lighter shade of cream or pink showing through. This is a popular look and readily available this season. Alternatively, wear black in low necklines and soften the look with light jewellery or scarves.


The deeps have dark brown eyes and dark brown or black hair. Black looks absolutely stunning on them so if you are a deep go for it. Either wear black from head to toe or team it with other deep or bold tones.


The warms are the red-heads. Their eyes may be blue, green, hazel or brown and their skin is usually fair, often with freckles. Black is not in their palette but if you are warm and going to wear black this season make sure you warm it up. This can be done by wearing warm tones with the black; colours such as camel, terracotta, and lime will work well. For evening, make sure your top or dress have a low neckline and add gold, copper and bronze tones in your jewellery.


The cools have ash tones to their hair – blonde, grey or white and their skin has pinky undertones. Their eyes may be blue, green, grey or clear brown. Black can be worn by the cools but should be avoided directly under the chin as this can cause shadows. Black in tweeds and denims are flattering and won’t be as harsh as solid black. Black velvet is a good option for evening as its soft texture absorbs the light. Again dresses should have low necklines and pearls make the perfect accessory.


The clears have dark hair, lighter skin and bright blue, green or topaz eyes. Black looks striking on the clears but as they have a lot of contrast in their own colouring, matt black from top to toe can be a little bland. Add vibrant or icy colours to the black to really inject the wow factor and balance the look. Fabrics with black and white patterns such as dogtooth have good contrast that will complement the clears’ colouring. If an outfit is all black, white gold, silver or platinum can add contrast.


The softs have dark blonde or light brown hair, eyes that are soft blue, brown, hazel or green and little contrast between hair, skin and eyes. Black is quite over-powering for the softs and medium depth colours work better. If you are soft and want to wear black, go for textured fabrics such as tweeds that soften the look of the black. Again, black lace over something soft will work well. If wearing plain black items such as a top, soften the look with a grey, stone or medium-depth coloured jacket, cardigan or scarf.

If you’re not sure how well black will work for you and would like plenty of other options why not invest in a personal colour analysis. A colour consultant will be able to show you which colours work perfectly with your own colouring and how to mix and match them easily.