Glittering Winter Outfits Ideas Bridal Shower48
Glittering Winter Outfits Ideas Bridal Shower48

49 Glittering Winter Outfits Ideas Bridal Shower

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This Winter’s Forecast Calls For Bridal Showers It seems like every year the wintertime becomes a more popular season to get married.

Maybe as a way to escape the hectic bustle of all the other summertime weddings, or maybe because more couples to recognize the cozy romance of frostier temperatures, the austere skies of October – January are filled with more and more wedding bells all the time.

If the bride has her heart set on a winter wonderland – or if she’s just crazy for the cold – hosting a winter-themed bridal shower offers a unique approach to the perennial bridal shower questions of theme, design scheme, and finding a motif to suite the bride’s own interests.

One huge advantage of the winter-themed bridal shower is the color palette: it’s hard to go wrong with whites and blues when putting together the decorations.

For an icy touch, try using paper and cloth with a slightly shimmering finish. This gives the illusion of ice and reflected surfaces, like you’d see in a glacier or inside an enchanted ice cave. For an ultra-chic touch, take some dead tree branches and spray-paint them a stark white.

These “icicles” are perfect for using in lieu of flower arrangements. As a finishing touch, you might include candles: either as a centerpiece or give tealight bridal shower favors to evoke the romance of long, snowbound nights.

The food you serve can also have the wintry touch, too. For dessert, you might treat your guests to cool ice creams, handmade cookies and treats, and serve everything with spiced or flavored coffee.

The bridal shower favors can also compliment to the winter-themed d├ęcor. Giving your guests mint tins with cool peppermints evokes the sense of crisp breezes. Giving them packets of the coffee they drank lets them reminisce about the event later.

You’ll probably want a few games to entertain the guest of honor and all her important guests. Playing games not only provides fun memories afterwards but also keeps the shower’s momentum going.

One bridal shower game with a wintry edge is Pin The Nose On The Snowman. You may also wish to play more traditional wedding favor games, like creating a wedding dress from toilet paper, or a trivia game based on facts about the bride’s life.