Cozy Christmas Hairstyles Ideas33
Cozy Christmas Hairstyles Ideas33

41 Cozy Christmas Hairstyles Ideas

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Christmas and New Year parties are not the only times you need an excuse to get creative with your hair. Party hairstyles are great for so many different occasions; dates, dinner with friends or a Sex and the City inspired evening out sipping cocktails. I have put together two simple styling ideas and tips to get you taming your locks pronto.

Party Hairstyle For Long Hair-The Romantic Chignon

If you love Taylor Swifts romantic style or have a wardrobe full of chiffon floaty tops and dresses, then this updo hairstyle is perfect for you and always looks catwalk ready with minimal effort.

Literally, this only takes a few minutes. The key thing to remember is not to be too neat; you’re creating a loose updo.

What You Need-
-Hair pins
-A thin elastic hairband

How To Create A Romantic Chignon-
-Create a centre parting and separate all of your hair into two even sections.
-Twist the side sections of your hair round that usually frame your face so that all of your hair is loosely pulled back eg: Start at the root, take two small sections of hair, twist them round one another each time grabbing an extra piece of hair as you go so all of the hair framing your face is entwined on each side until you look like you have two bunchies.

Secure into a low ponytail if you aren’t very confident at styling your hair.
-Separate the ponytail into two sections (or use the two sections you still have remaining) and twist these round one another so you look like you have a long twisted ponytail.

As you would when styling a bun, wrap your twisted ponytail round itself keeping it low until you have created your chignon. It may be easier to pin this as you go along using hair pins rather than kirby grips.

A great tip if you don’t want to see lots of hair pins poking out of your chignon, is that once you have secured them in place, fold the ends over one another. This will both secure your hair further and keep your hair looking natural.

Tip: If you want to muss up the look a little more you can run your fingers up and down the twirled sections of hair adding a little hairspray for texture so you are gently backcombing your hair with your fingers. This is less damaging than using a comb and also adds a little edge to this look

Party Hairstyle For Short Hair-Roackabilly Quiff – This is the perfect party hairstyle for all you rock chicks out there. Forget about carefully structured and pinned quiffs, this is all about being loose and wild adding height to your hair yet keeping in theme with romanticism by adding a little soft wave.

This look is great teamed with smoky eyes or rocking up an elegant dress. If you want to add some glitz then why not invest in some glitter hairspray?

What You Need-
-Pastiche brush or comb
-Small/thin tongs

How To Create A Rockabilly Quiff-
-Make sure you have already dried your hair.
-Part your hair to the side (whichever side suits you best).
-Add some serum to your hair to help with texture ensuring you smooth down the edges of your hair because it is only the quiff we want to add height to.
-Part the entire middle top section of your hair. Take a small section from the back and clip the rest out of your way.
-Brush this section away from your parting. Roll your tongs around this section of your hair (so you are rolling it back towards the parting). Hold in place so the entire section heats throughout and then release the tongs.
-Repeat this for the full section of hair until it is all complete (you may look a little like a poodle at the moment but don’t worry).
-Using your fingers, brush all of your hair back weaving your fingers through the curls softening them. You want to pull this straight back whilst you are brushing your hair back and not towards your parting.
-Add texture using a pastiche brush or comb by backcombing sections of your hair from the top, not underneath for a change.
-Using your fingers, position the hair so the front section is slightly quiffed but mainly has height.
-Secure with hairspray to finish.

Tip: Don’t aim for perfection, this style is meant to look a little messy on top so is great if you aren’t great at mastering those sleek immaculate finishes. If you want to punk it up a bit get some hair mascara and had some vibrant colours to it.