Latest Twisted Crown Updo Style Ideas Would Be Hairstyle Perfect34
Latest Twisted Crown Updo Style Ideas Would Be Hairstyle Perfect34

42 Latest Twisted Crown Updo Style Ideas Would Be Hairstyle Perfect

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There are few hair styles more elegant, timeless and appropriate for any occasion than the French twist. It can be modern, funky and a little messy or refined, or clean and sophisticated.

This is a look that can take you from morning to night with minimal effort and without having to fuss over your hair half way through the day. In fact, many hair twists look better the longer you wear them, especially if you’re outside and the wind blows a few wisps free to grace your face.

If you really want to create a dynamic look that is stunning from every angle and is sure to turn some heads, you can create a doubled-up version of this hairstyle.

Although this may seem as though it will be beyond difficult to do, it only takes a little practice to create a second twisted hair section as a mirror image of the first one.

The French twist is a look that can be done with either clean or unwashed hair, that’s straight, wavy or curly. However, hair twists do tend to hold better in hair that has not been freshly washed. Here’s the step by step process.

Begin by parting your hair down the center and checking to see that the part is straight. There’s nothing worse than finishing your look only to discover that your part is all jagged and you need to start over.

Then section off the side you’re not working with in a clip. Use your hands to create a ponytail with one side so that it comes together between the nape of your neck and crown of your head.

Next twist the hair to create a bit of an anchor. If you’re working on the right side of your head, you’ll twist clockwise; the left French twist gets turned counterclockwise.

Using the opposite hand, hold the top of the ponytail toward the ceiling and then bend the pony in half. Tuck the tip of the ponytail in as you twist and create a roll toward the center of your head. Once the roll is complete, you’ll secure it with bobby pins.

When you move on to create the French twist on the other side of your head, just remember you want to do everything exactly opposite. Also keep in mind that it may take you a few tries to get them exactly even. As they say, practice makes perfect!

It is often easiest to create these double twisted sections if you begin with the side you’re less comfortable with first. This way, if you do have to perform multiple tries to get it right, you’re doing so with a side you are more comfortable with.

If you simply want one French twist, skip the step of parting the hair into two sections and just create one twist where desired, traveling whichever way you choose. Hair twists look great alone or you may want to add hair jewelry, combs, flowers, etc., to them. The only limitation is your own creativity and imagination.