Amazing Nails Art Ideas For Valentines Day37
Amazing Nails Art Ideas For Valentines Day37

41 Amazing Nails Art Ideas For Valentines Day

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People believe that someone’s personality is reflected by how he or she keeps themselves clean. For women, hair is considered the most beautiful part that should be kept since it can be a point of interest. But actually, there is another part of our body which is also very important: nails.

The importance of the hair has become a mindset for hundred years. You can even find many fairy tales telling about the hair! But can you find fairy tales mentioning nails? They are “forgettable” part. Can you imagine shaking somebody’s hands while your nails are dirty? Come on, people will not always look at your hair at the very first time they meet you!

We often do not realize touching something dirty, and the dirt “unconsciously” hides under our nails. When you meet important clients and you do not realize of having these dirt, it may influence your image. An approval may fail!

Wise women will not only take care of their hair. There are other body parts they explore, like ear or neck. They also choose tattoo to get a different look. This interest make tattoo popular in recent years.

They also spend much money for the smallest parts of their body, such as nails. There are some ways to make wonderful nails. The most common way is applying nail polishes, or doing manicure and pedicure, and the newest one is called nail art. It is an art of decorating nails which originally comes from Japan.

Nowadays, we can find nail saloons easily since nail art becomes popular. Nail polishes are still women’ favorite, but we need something different. We do not only want our nails colored, but also enriched with cute motifs. This is what nail art is for.

With nail art, we can get pictures, paintings, and motifs on our nails. They can be applied directly on our nails, or we can use plastic nails.

There are four kinds of nail arts: (1) with nail polishes, (2) with stones, which allow your nails decorated with unique stones, (3) with stickers, and (4) with acrylic which uses acrylic for the motif.

Here are some steps to apply nail art. Follow these steps to get amazing results!
1. Clean your nails and coat them with base coat. Choose base coat which contains vitamin E to prevent Apply cuticle cream to clean up cuticles
2. Use a spade to take the dirt
3. Before applying polishes, massage your fingers first. Then wash them in order to make the polishes patched perfectly.
4. If you prefer applying false nails, you can do this now. Match its length with your nail size. Patch them with special glue. Let it dry before starting to paint.
5. To do all these processes, you need one hour. If you apply this directly on your nails, it will last for about a month. The false ones last shorter, or about three weeks.

To get various motifs, you must be creative. If you want practical way, buy false nails at nail saloons. You will find any motifs you want.

Manual paint and applying sticker are the most favorite. If you want something different, you can add crystal and glitter. To apply this, you must match it with the colors of your polishes. Nail art will make you amazing!