Awesome Heart Print Shirts Ideas For Valentines Day39
Awesome Heart Print Shirts Ideas For Valentines Day39

43 Awesome Heart Print Shirts Ideas For Valentines Day

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Are you planning to give your girl a memorable gift this Valentine? So stop dreaming about giving her the same things, which you have been giving her for last many years. Definitely, such gifts can’t be memorable to her even to the least.

Thus forget the heavy boxes of chocolates and the colorful bouquets. Even shrug off the planning to give her some fashion apparel made of traditional fabrics. Close your eyes to the traditional cosmetics, even if made of minerals.

In fact, this Valentine day, try something unconventional and unique fashion products. See how technological innovations are wooing the fashion world, around the globe. A rare proposal this Valentine, indeed! So shun waiting and buy these unique fashion gifts to make her valentine memorable, technologically.

LED Crystal Necklace : Forget this Valentine, gifting her a necklace made of shimmering gold or costly diamonds. Keep in mind, recession is on a rampage. Rather buy her a necklace made of Crystal with LED light inside. Amazed and surprised what it is made of, she will ask for clues repeatedly.

When the LED light shines inside the crystal cases of various shapes and sizes, it gives an impression of tiny moons suspended to her neck. You will see, nobody is there to match her elegance and beauty that day. Moreover, you are not required to pay more than 40 dollars. Quiet affordable!

Blazing Heart Shirts: The farther you go, the weaker your love bond becomes. This is what this blazing heart shirt seems to preach. The shirt has got six blazing hearts printed right on its chest area. The number of hearts shinning, at a single moment of time, is proportionate to the distance between you.

When you are nearest to her and hugging, all the six hearts will glow up. However, the moment you turn back and start moving away from her, they lose their glitter one by one. Definitely, you will not like her heart to lose its love-light. Never turn away, indeed. Amazingly, a shirt with six stars will not cost you more than 30 dollars.

Halter with Fiber-optics: This halter top combines fashion and technology to come up with a greatly innovative clothing for your girl. She will feel on top of the world after wearing this dazzling halter full of light-emitting fiber optics.

As the light of fiber optics is purposefully dim, it is advisable to wear this halter in the nights only, to notice its maximum effect. Using three triple A batteries can make it light up to whole night. It is not for the sufferers of slowdown. It may burn few holes in your pockets. It costs a staggering 140-150 dollars.

Lip Gloss With LED: It is a bizarre use of LED and being held as a classic innovation in the field of cosmetics. Come out of the age of all traditional lipsticks and lip glosses, buy her this wonderful and sexy LED lip gloss.

The shimmer on her lips on the Valentine night will be more than enough to electrify you passionately. Caution! The gloss has transferred to your lips too! Wipe it off please! It comes in numerous trendy colors ranging between 30-40 dollars.