Extraordinary Wedding Guest Dresses For Winter04
Extraordinary Wedding Guest Dresses For Winter04

38 Extraordinary Wedding Guest Dresses For Winter

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If you’re trying your hardest to resist the temptation to abandon sassy winter wedding wear in favor of your snuggest fleece hoodie this year, you will be delighted to discover that the Winter fashion collections offer you a multitude of trendy options! Fashion designers and fashionistas had power, femininity, (and the economic downturn) in mind when they immortalized their formal winter dress creations this year.

We can thank them for their return to slimming blacks and browns and for giving us the option of covering bony knees, bulging calves and expanding waistlines. Here are some excellent ideas to help you stay warm and sensationally stylish during winter nuptials:

1. Think Maximum Length – If the last of your summer tan went out with the last of the warm weather, opt for a maxi winter dress. These magnificent dresses have been a catwalk favorite for a couple of seasons now, and fortunately, their popularity isn’t waning. Maxi dresses are kind to willowy frames, and even the plainest prototype can be jazzed up with pretty accessories.

2. Think Simple Designs – Even the most seasoned famous fashionistas are sporting simpler cuts and simpler designs as we approach the shorter days. If you usually feel more like a wedding cake than a wedding guest in your frilly frock, you will be delighted to note that elegance is now found in single color winter dresses. If you love to show off a naughty amount of leg, you can even get away with a pretty black dress and firming black tights this year.

3. Think Two Color Mixes – If the super-trendy black color conjures up connotations of funerals rather than weddings, you can opt for a two-color winter dress. Go for two bolder colors like purple, red, or green for a completely unique look that other guests are certain to envy. The hottest winter dresses exhibit one color to the tapered waist, and the other below. This draws attention away from ample stomachs, and redirects it to more favorable areas.

4. Think Romance – Nothing in the world is more romantic than a wedding ceremony, and the fashion directives for Winter 2010 allow wedding guests to partake in the fun. Lace is back in a big way, so if you are feeling brave (or own a stunning jacket), try a black lacy winter dress with a beautiful belted waist. Lace is mesmerizing to the eye and creates a certain amount of visual deception. Larger hips, bellies, and butts will blend into lacy patterns, especially if you opt for darker hues.

5. Think Belted Waists – Belted waists flatter a fuller figure, and they are right at the top of the trend stakes this season. A winter dress with a belted waist is perfect for petites and can break up a one-color winter dress with electrifying effects. If you want to embrace a little black dress without looking dreary at the ceremony, look out for a winter dress with a bright pink belted waist to create a unique and stylish contrast. Choosing a winter dress for a wedding is much easier this year, thanks to our friends in the fashion world. Go back to black, accessorize to your heart’s content, and be certain to choose a gorgeous jacket as a warmer accompaniment for your elegant outfit!