Charming Wonderland Themed Wedding Ideas For Winter40
Charming Wonderland Themed Wedding Ideas For Winter40

40 Charming Wonderland Themed Wedding Ideas For Winter

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For a winter wedding theme, the idea of a winter wonderland is primarily concerned with creating a world of enchantment. For this theme, the recommended color scheme is pure white, with accents of gold or silver; however, a couple is by no means restricted to this color suggestion. The metallic aspects are designed to add visual interest to the monochromatic color of white. Throughout the ceremony and ensuing reception, the idea is maintain an air of simplicity.

When it comes to wedding attire for a winter wonderland theme, the bride should consider choosing a gown that features a white, faux fur trim or gold or silver accent beading. Ideally, the gown should be simple and form fitting to reflect the simplicity of the ceremony and reception.

For the bridesmaids, the bride should consider investing in metallic gold or silver gowns. For the groom and his attendants, white tuxedos could be substituted for the traditional black. The vests and bowties could be metallic in color to match the bridesmaid dresses. A pale blue color could also be substituted to reflect the idea of ice within the winter wonderland theme.

For the d├ęcor of the wedding reception, you should continue the white color scheme with the accents of silver or gold. For example, in regards to the centerpieces, you could arrange white calla lilies in simple white vases. Gold or silver ribbons could be tied around the necks of the vases.

It would even be possible to have the flowers dipped in silver or gold. White plates and napkins could be complemented by sterling silver dishware or crystal goblets. Other ideas for decorations that would contribute to the overall winter wonderland theme would be icy blue or silver ornaments, crystal glasses, or vases filled with white hydrangeas.

You may use almost any type of white flowers in your ceremony and reception; however, the feel of the ceremony will feel more authentic if you use flowers that are in season.

After all of the planning that has been put into your ceremony and reception, you will want to ensure that the guest favors you give out will remind the guests of the wonderful time they have had at your wedding. If you are holding your wedding near Christmas time, then you may wish to present your guests with personalized, white Christmas ornaments that feature your name and the date of your wedding. The ideas you incorporate into your wedding will only be limited by your imagination.