Cute Wedding Centerpiece Ideas For Winter07
Cute Wedding Centerpiece Ideas For Winter07

42 Cute Wedding Centerpiece Ideas For Winter

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There is something magical about having a winter wedding but no matter what time of the year weddings can get very expensive. However, you can save a lot of money by doing a lot yourself including making your own winter wedding centerpieces. If you have several tables that you need a winter wedding centerpiece for then the savings will be significant.

You can find most of your items for your winter wedding centerpieces at craft stores, discount stores or even on eBay. You may even save money buy buying in bulk.

One tip when using candles is to be sure to go with unscented so that the smell of the candles don’t compete with the flowers on the table and food at the reception. Not only that but some people have allergies to scented candles.

Two items that come to mind for centerpieces are candles and flowers. For example a Christmas wedding would be beautiful with red or green pillar candles in candle holders surrounded by poinsettias or holly. You can easily make a simple yet elegant winter wedding centerpiece like this for each table.

For a winter wonderland wedding in January you could go with white flowers with blue candles and of course romantic red roses with a splash of pink and white for your Valentine’s day wedding. Add other touches to each winter wedding centerpiece such as coordinating ribbons and bows.

Another idea for your winter wedding centerpieces is to purchase small, plain wreaths at craft shops and embellish them with ribbon and artificial flowers. Place a wreath on each table with a jar candle in the center.

Remember to think safety whenever using candles on tables and in your centerpieces. Be sure that they are properly contained and are not in contact with the rest of the winter wedding centerpiece.