Newest Blue And Silver Wedding Ideas For Winter07
Newest Blue And Silver Wedding Ideas For Winter07

49 Newest Blue And Silver Wedding Ideas For Winter

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Sapphires have been collected and used by royalty for centuries. This blue gem is not like the fiery ruby but is cool and denotes serenity, commitment, loyalty, prosperity and protection. The royal crown jewels are studded in sapphires and it has been used in several royal engagement rings.

These qualities are perfect for a modern wedding ceremony that values the symbols of tradition. Here are a few suggestions to incorporate this lovely color into your wedding.

1. Engagement Ring: Design your own engagement ring using sapphires. By knowing the meaning that has been associated with this gem for centuries, you can be reminded of your commitment and loyalty to your fiance whenever you look at it.

2. Sapphire Invitations: By using this rich color for your invites, your guests will immediately know that this is an event of elegance. To stay on budget, use a printable wedding invitation kit and print them yourself. You can use a sapphire pocket folder invite and then accent it with a silver ribbon or seal.

3. Sapphire and Silver Bridesmaids DressesImagine your bridesmaids walking ahead of you in beautiful blue dresses with silver sashes or accents. A stunning effect especially if you are wearing a white or light cream bridal gown.

4. Groomsmen Accents: Your groom and groomsman can wear sapphire cummerbunds to match your bridesmaids and unify the wedding party.

5. Flower girl and Ring bearer: Let’s not forget the little people. Your flower girl will look beautiful with a lovely blue sash on her dress and matching ribbons in her hair and on her flower basket. The ring bearer can also have a cummerbund like the groomsman and a ring pillow in this wonderful color.

6. Decorating with Flowers: Browalia, Irises, cornflower blue, and many other flowers make for lovely center pieces that you can use both at your wedding venue and reception place.

7. Table cloths and Table Runners: Imagine coming into your reception hall and seeing all the tables covered in lush sapphire table cloths with silver table runners–a royal touch for sure.

8. Wedding Accessories: Last but certainly not least, we come to wedding accessories. You can do a number of things here, you can have sapphire bows tied to your toasting flutes. You can have a silver guest book festooned with blue ribbons. You can have a sapphire garter–you get the picture.

With a little imagination you can use a sapphire theme throughout your entire wedding from engagement and invitations to ceremony and reception. So have your own Royal Wedding this year.