Awesome Winter Wedding Dress And Coat Ideas12
Awesome Winter Wedding Dress And Coat Ideas12

46 Awesome Winter Wedding Dress And Coat Ideas

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Winter weddings aren’t that common, but that doesn’t mean they can’t make for gorgeous events with lots of creative and unique ideas. Destination weddings are also becoming increasingly popular and couples have even booked trips to get hitched on glaciers. In order to keep warm on your special winter day, consider wearing a women’s fur coat. This will be a gorgeous addition to your already lovely dress.

The Full Length Look

A traditional full-length white coat is the perfect choice for a very chilly wedding far up north. Since the full length offers coverage on your whole body, you can leave the front open to still show off your wedding dress. This is also the best option for an outdoor ceremony since it will be the warmest. There’s nothing more beautiful than full-length soft women’s fur coats on a wintery day.

Add A Jacket

A mid sized jacket would be a good alternative to the full length if you’re not prone to getting too cold. The smaller women’s fur coats will leave more room to show your dress while still offering you warmth and protection. This option is also far less bulky and easier to manage when walking down the aisle or dancing. Plus, this look won’t cut off the bottom part of your long dress and will still show your legs in a short dress.

Over the Shoulder Shawl

This option is great as an accent piece. Since these don’t offer much warmth and only cover your shoulders, they’re better fit for an indoor ceremony. This option also showcases your wedding dress the most and works very well with elaborate and ornate jewelry. For a truly stunning look, add an over-the-shoulder shawl to a long dress with pinned up hair.

High Contrast Colored Coats

For a bold statement, pair your white dress with any colored coat. The high contrast is sure to give you an extremely unique and memorable look. A dark brown or black will pop against the pure white of your wedding dress. Add long gloves to this look for extra contrast and elegance.

Get Regal with a Cape

For a regal, flowing look consider a cape with a large hood and clasp at the neck. The open nature of this type of women’s fur coat still allows your wedding dress to stand out, but will give you warmth as well. This could be paired with a long dress or will be able to keep your legs warm with a shorter dress. You’ll look like winter royalty in an elegant cape.

Any of these looks can be paired with a hat or hand-warmer for a romantic carriage ride through the snow. Winter weddings break the mold and tradition with exquisite beauty and desirable difference. Women’s fur coats can be the ultimate accessory to your wedding dress on your special winter day. With a number of looks to choose from, you’re sure to stand out as a blushing beautiful bride under a snowy layer of white fur.