Awesome Black And White Outfit Ideas For Summer 201906
Awesome Black And White Outfit Ideas For Summer 201906

40 Awesome Black And White Outfit Ideas For Summer 2019

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If you are looking for the hottest trend this season, look no further: it’s right here in black and white. This classic duo teams up two of the fashion world’s favorite shades. While this may not be the newest combination on the block, time has not affected its stylish results. If you work this classic duo right, you can achieve this season’s newest red hot look! Here’s a few tips on how to look hot this summer with the power of black and white.

The key to pulling off any trend like a true fashionista is to know your body. Learn to play up your assets and downplay your problem areas. Remember to wear black in your problem areas and wear white in the areas you want to highlight. White reflects light so wherever you wear it you will bring attention.

For instance if you are top heavy, don’t wear a white collared shirt with black pants because this will draw attention upward. Instead opt to go with a black v-neck top with white pants. This will distract people from looking at your problem area. Instead they’ll be paying attention to your long legs.

The bold stripe is the big story this season. Whether you’re a committed prep or a fashionista hot on the trail of the latest looks, you’ll love this twist on black and white. Here’s a tip on how to wear it. If you are looking to add a few pounds to a small frame horizontal stripes, are for you.

In most cases go with vertical stripes instead of horizontal. Vertical stripes create the optical illusion that you are slimmer and taller. I’m 5’1 so I love vertical stripe pants because it makes my legs appear longer. This is also a great trick for slimming out thighs and elongated your torso.

Black and white are great colors for dressing monochomatically. Dressing monochomatically is basically wearing one color from head to toe. Monochromatic dressing is the favorite trick of many fashion editors, designers, and stylists. It makes everybody look slimmer and taller instantly. Wearing one color also creates that vertical line illusion. For example try wearing the ever so popular white suit and accent it with black accessories. Let accessories add color to your outfit.

The black and white combo is one trend that I love. It’s a classic and it looks great on everyone. It can be mod, punk, preppy, and ladylike depending on how you wear it. Even when this trend passes you can easily mix and match it with other clothes within your wardrobe.