Lovely Wide Leg Cropped Jeans Ideas For Women21
Lovely Wide Leg Cropped Jeans Ideas For Women21

38 Lovely Wide Leg Cropped Jeans Ideas For Women

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Can you think of any clothing that could fit your style and daily activities but doesn’t make you a fashion victim at the same time? They’ve always been there since God knows when and they will still be there for the next decades for sure.

The most common styles of jeans are baggy, cropped, and slim-fit, the most common being the latter. However, there are still other types of jeans according to their cuts and washes. The most common to ladies nowadays are the low-rise and the ultra-low-rise ones that sit below the waist. We also have the boot-cut and flare leg jeans. Both have wide openings at the bottom but boot-cut jeans are looser while flares are fit from top to the knees.

Stonewashed jeans are those with lighter shades and are the opposite of dark jeans which usually ranges from black to deep indigo color. People who like feeling more comfortable and liberated when wearing jeans like wearing jeans called distress jeans that are torn and crinkled and sometimes have holes and shredding too.

Baggy jeans of course are most worn by men but these could also be worn by ladies. It’s a little difficult to find a top that would look good on these pants but fit tees would be the best choice. It’s also best worn with sneakers for a really ragged and boyish look for a day at the park with friends maybe.

Cropped jeans can be used on a casual day at work. Just like baggy jeans, it’s best worn with a fit tee and stilettos or pumps for flare ones and knee-high black wedge boots and maybe a collared casual top for the slim-fit type. Cropped jeans could either be stonewashed or dark, but if you wear dark jeans, be sure not to wear dark shoes too because they just don’t look that good together.

These days we see another type of jeans that almost all women use already-the skinny jeans. Most of them are just like any other jeans in color but some come in different colors like red, violet, green, and pink just to name a few. Some are also checkered which are best worn with plain colored fit tees.

See, jeans will always be there. You will always have something stylish to wear if you have jeans. Some cut or style maybe not for this season, but there are lots of other different styles that you can use that are for this season. Jeans don’t go out fashion. They just don’t.