Superb Short Haircuts Ideas For African And American Women42
Superb Short Haircuts Ideas For African And American Women42

48 Superb Short Haircuts Ideas For African And American Women

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Black celebrity hairstyles include chic, trendy and arty designs. There are various cuts and styles that can be taken up for looking gorgeous. Most of the African American celebrities such as Halle Berry, Rihanna, Beyonce Knowles, Aisha Tyler, Lisa Bonet and Tasha Smith are seen flaunting some of the most stylish hairdos in recent times. Black celebrities are beautiful, sexy and the best thing is that they know how to carry themselves with grace.

Top 3 Stylish & Short Black Celebrity Haircuts

Tight Curls: We have recently spotted Rihanna with tight curls. She was looking fantastic in this hairdo. You can also get this chic and trendy look by cutting your locks above your shoulders. This hairdo can soften your features with ease.

It is advisable to use high quality hair products like gel and sprays for shaping your locks. Hair coloring is also a viable option for adding drama to your tresses. You can easily use bright colors such as red or beige for accentuating the style.

Pixie: It is touted to be a space age style. You can easily attain this hairdo by cutting your hair short. You can use styling gels and sprays for shaping it. Treating with colors is the best way to enhance this style. Pixie cut can easily give you a new age look.

Irregular Bangs: Asymmetrical bangs are touted be the most fashionable hairdo for women. You should keep your bangs irregular for making them look more trendy and hip.

In order to discover the most flattering hairdos for your facial appearance, you should preferably consult a hairdresser or perform a hair makeover online. It is always advisable to know your face type before taking up any haircut.