Inexpensive Lipsticks Women Ideas10
Inexpensive Lipsticks Women Ideas10

40 Inexpensive Lipsticks Women Ideas

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Research has shown that during a period of economic decline, the sale of lipsticks increases. During World War 2 women were wearing bright red lipstick, possibly to cheer themselves up during that period of fear and grief.Buying a lipstick, is a fairly inexpensive way of treating yourself, and just think how much better you will look and feel, wearing a splash of colour on your lips. Finding the right shade of lipstick is crucial and once found you will notice how it will brighten and lighten your face.

It is important to mirror your natural look with the type of colour you choose for your lipstick. If you have deep or dark colouring, you can wear deep dark reds. If you have any warmth or auburn streaks in your dark hair, avoid shocking pinks and choose reds that have a hint of orange in them.

If you have light or pale colouring, a deep or dark lipstick will overpower your face. Again if there is any hint of golden or yellow in your hair, opt for a coral or warm brown lipstick, but nothing too dark or heavy.

If you have ash blonde, grey or white hair, pink lipsticks will be more complimentary. A nice clear fuchsia or rose pink will be very flattering.

If you have light or dark blonde hair, pale skin and soft brown, green, blue or grey eyes, you will look best in soft shades of pink, brown or coral lipstick.

Before you apply your newly purchased lipstick, make sure your lips are in good condition and not chapped and sore. Apply some lip balm regularly and “buff” your lips with a soft toothbrush and a small amount of moisturiser.

It is good practice to apply a lip base under your lipstick. Lip base acts as a moisturiser and will also give extra “sticking power” to the lipstick. Now apply a lip pencil in either a neutral shade or a close match to your lipstick. Outline the lips and then fill in over the whole lip area. This will stop lipstick “bleeding” into the area around your lips and give another layer of colour. Finally apply a coat of lipstick, preferably with a lip brush.

There is a vast array of lipsticks available in many different colours and varying degrees of price. It isn’t necessary to spend a lot of money but it is important to find the right colour for you. Beware of artificial lighting in some shops as colours can be distorted. It may be worth asking for a sample to take home so you can see the true colour before you buy.

Once you have found your perfect lipstick, you will feel and look more confident. This in turn will help to cheer you up, in one of the gloomiest times of year.