Stylish Summer Outfits Ideas To Copy Right Now04
Stylish Summer Outfits Ideas To Copy Right Now04

42 Stylish Summer Outfits Ideas To Copy Right Now

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What are the most fabulous people wearing this summer you ask? Well that depends on who they are and where they’re going of course.

The Traveller:

Those lucky enough to spend their time globetrotting would be wise to pick up a few authentic items from all of the places they visit. It of course helps to have an eye for aesthetics and an interest in fashion. Remember that back home, wherever home may be, there are a ton of designers and shops that are recreating and selling the same style of item you might have overlooked in Morocco or Bali or India. Taking home one or two small things from every place you visit, will have your closet bursting with eccentric and fun accessories before you know it.

The Partier:

If you are planning a summer holiday that involves a lot of late nights, cocktails and parties, then you have got to dress the part. You’ll want to be comfortable but still looking fabulous and effortlessly summer. The solution? For women, it is long, bright maxi dresses. The beauty of maxi dresses is that they look elegant, while still being super comfortable. You can pair them with heels for that extra bit of height or you can wear them with flats for a more casual feel. Bright colours will have you capturing the attention of the crowd and fitting right in with the summer sun.

The Guy’s Girl:

Feeling ballsy at the moment? Sick of being pushed around and treated like a little girl? Show your most manly side by covering up your curves and pushing your tie up tight against your neck. Wide leg black trousers, white dress shirts, suspenders, loafers and a slicked back hairdo, will have the men around you feeling like they’ve just met their match.

As for the Boys:

Summer for men of luxury means one of two things: either you’re in espadrilles and khaki shorts, strolling along the sandy beach and drinking mai thai’s on your summer boat, or you’re stuck in the city working but out at the most fabulous events all weekend long. At those events – balls, movie premieres and horse races, you can be found in sharp, shiny navy blue suits, checkered, thin-legged, charcoal suits or going casual in white slacks, an light blue shirt with the first few buttons left undone and a pair of loafers- sans socks.

But an outfit is not an outfit without the right jewellery. The traveller might stack her arms with colourful bangles, while the partier might keep it bright with lots of gold to accentuate her popping colours. The guy’s girl would keep it a minimum with black leather and silver accessories at most, and as for the boys, a fabulous pair of designer cufflinks should be found on any guy on a big night out, and some string bracelets should adorn the wrists of those lucky enough to be beaching instead of working.