Magnificient Hair Accessories Ideas For Wedding14
Magnificient Hair Accessories Ideas For Wedding14

45 Magnificient Hair Accessories Ideas For Wedding

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There is no doubt about it – your wedding day is one of the most important and memorable days in your life. For those that have already been there or anyone coming close; the days, weeks and even months leading up to your big day are brimming with decisions to make – some easy but others requiring a lot more thought. Probably somewhere near the top of your priority list would be the dress and accompanying accessories – after all, you want to look more than your best on this special day.

What you are going to wear at your wedding will be a reflection of your style and as close to the images that you have dreamt of for years – because yes admit it – we play out fairytale weddings even in our teens. Whether it be modern sophistication you after, pure romanticism or something totally unique to turn heads – there are dresses and accessories to match, be sure of it.

So you don’t have to worry as your dream look will come true and this article is going to give examples of some of the wide variety of hair accessories that can be the perfect finishing touch to any wedding dress.

The Classic Veil. If you want to stay as close to tradition as possible, there is no better choice than a veil. It can be simple or it can be spruced up by adding pearls, lace or jewels. The other quality is that endearing moment when your husband lifts the veil to reveal your face – eyes lovingly meeting his.

Flamboyant Feathers.
 This is a hair trend that is growing a lot in popularity for weddings. There is a multitude of hair accessories with feathers attached, and it gives a very modern and stylish twist to your outfit.

Flirtatious Flowers. The best effect is offered by fresh flowers, both a romantic touch and a little flirty – think batting your eyelids whilst wearing your favorite flower in your hair. One word of warning though – make sure the one you choose will stay pretty for the entire do, some will shrivel rapidly without water.

Tantalizing Tiaras. For the real princess on her wedding day – there is nothing more suitable than donning a tiara. There are many designers who will create tiaras to match your needs – whether it be pure glam, vintage chic or simplicity that you’re after.

Elegant Headbands. Again, headbands can come in a variety of styles to give-off different looks. Choose between wide, skinny, colored or classic white, with miniature flowers sewn on – the choice is limitless.

We shouldn’t forget to mention hair accessories that are great for alternative weddings, as not everyone will marry in a church. A good example here would be beach weddings – add exotic flowers such as orchids or shells to your hair. If you’re marrying in Vegas then big and bold accessories will be the way forward – look to Vegas showgirls and impress with a feathered headdress – only if you are brave enough.