Lovely Spring Work Outfit Ideas For Women07
Lovely Spring Work Outfit Ideas For Women07

35 Lovely Spring Work Outfit Ideas For Women

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Women are constantly shopping. It is estimated that women spend more than 30% of their annual budget on clothing and related expenses. Some women spend even more than this, although others may spend less. Stylists and TV fashion insiders are constantly advising women on what to buy and what to wear.

So, what should you buy for your work wardrobe? What 5 items would work best in your closet so that you can mix and match them with all of the new clothes that you purchase? Below are the top 5 clothing items that you should have in your closet for work. Buy these and all of the other new items that you buy will almost always match with something in this list.

1. Skirt: A neutral colored skirt like a black or grey skirt is the perfect item to match any top. Pair this with a smart pair of pumps and a button down fitted shirt and you have your perfect wear to work outfit. A neutral color will match anything whether you feel like wearing a bright colored t-shirt or a more toned down sweater. Also, a skirt makes everyone look smart and dressed up. Make sure when you purchase a skirt that it fits you well. If you are thin, a smart pencil skirt will look great. If you are curvier, look for an A-line skirt that falls at or slightly above your knees.

2. Blazer: A blazer is a jacket that you should always have for work. Putting on a blazer instantly dresses up any outfit and shows that you mean business. A blazer can also cover up any fun top you are wearing to go out in after work. Additionally, you can button up the blazer to cover up anything that you wear underneath. When looking for a blazer, look for one in a neutral color here as well. Black, tan, or grey will all work as excellent choices for a blazer that will match many colors in the future. Also, look for one that fits you well. Blazers worn with skirts should fit at or slightly below the waist. With pants, blazers can fall a bit lower, but make sure that the blazer narrows in at your waist. Also, make sure that when you button the blazer and sit down, it doesn’t ride up on you.

3. Dress pants: A nice pair of slacks or dress pants are perfect for wearing to the office at all times. Make sure you get a pair that is conservative – this means, do not go with one that is too trendy and has too many details or cuts funny on your body. Conservative dress pants will be straight legged and fit you well, but not too tightly. For this, also choose a neutral color that will match with any tops. Also, try to choose one where there are belt loops so you can add a belt with your outfit at any time.

4. Classic white top: A classic white button down top is the perfect shirt to wear on any day for work. You can match it with pants or a skirt and it will always look conservative enough to wear to the office. You can wear it under any blazer and you can dress it up with colorful jewelry. The white top will never go out of fashion so make sure you have at least one of these in your closet.

5. Cashmere cardigan: Finally, the cashmere cardigan is key to ensuring that your wardrobe is complete. You can wear this on any cold winter, fall or spring day over any article of clothing. It is not as formal as the blazer, but it is still very conservative looking. You can wear it buttoned up or open over a white t-shirt or white blouse. It is perfect for brightening up your wardrobe or toning it down over a fun dress. Start with one in a neutral color like black, grey or white so that you can wear it more often.