Elegant Natural Hairstyles Wedding Ideas17
Elegant Natural Hairstyles Wedding Ideas17

37 Elegant Natural Hairstyles Wedding Ideas

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The wedding day is deemed as one of the most important events in a woman’s life. It is a day when the crowd’s attention is on her, most especially as she walks down the aisle. As such, every detail is planned to make this ideal come to reality. Each aspect of what the bride wears on that day is supposed to make her more enchanting to look at. The dress, accessories, jewelry, hair and even makeup – each makes a statement but are all part of one theme. They all help draw the observer’s gaze towards her glowing face.

Besides the dress, the bride’s wedding hair is considered the most vital aspect of the bride’s ensemble. A number of the world’s best hairstylists recommend not going against the hair’s natural features by applying too much product. Sticking with the natural hairstyle you were born with does not necessarily mean that the options are limited. All it takes is some creativity and the suggestions of an understanding hairstylist to make that hairstyle as dazzling as those found in magazines and worn by celebrities.

Possibly one of the most challenging involves curly wedding hair. At times, it gives the appearance of being messy and unkempt. Straightening them out with a flat iron does not automatically solve the problem and can even produce disastrous results as curls often come back within an hour after the long ironing process. Get creative while maintaining the curly aspects of the locks. Keep these curls at bay and away from the face by using a few pins and a small amount of hair product. This makes the finished hairstyle more neat and tidy.

The same goes with long straight hair. There is a lot of material to use and work with and several options to consider. With forcing naturally straight hair to go curly, the bride may find that her curls have gone before the wedding ends. A more wavy look or big, loose curls can achieve the same effect and last longer. Another option is by putting the hair on a low bun or a French twist to highlight the lock’s naturally straight features. It is also possible to wear that wedding hair down, if the bride is comfortable in doing so.

Brides that have oily hair should select a hairstyle that does not require a lot of maintenance. Touching the locks too much can encourage the production of oil in the hair, making it appear oilier as time progresses. An updo is recommended in these cases.

The hairstyle should accentuate the other aspects of the bride’s ensemble. If the bride wishes to wear a necklace that needs to be shown and appreciated as well, it is advised that hair be pulled up away from the neck to draw some attention to that area. Brides wearing earrings can utilize a sweeping updo to make the part of the ears more visible. With wearing veils or tiaras, choose a style for that wedding hair that fits the style of that accessory. As the maid of honor will be assisting the bride during her wedding day, the stylist should inform the maid of honor on how to safely remove the veil when needed.