Cozy Wedding Shoes Ideas26
Cozy Wedding Shoes Ideas26

41 Cozy Wedding Shoes Ideas

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Since I was a little girl, I was dreaming of my perfect wedding with my Prince Charming one day. Until now, I still hope for the happiest moment in my life. I believe that there must be thousands of girls who have the same dream as mine.

On the wedding day, every bride will try hard to make sure of the perfection in every detail, from the wedding dress to makeup, from food to wine, and from decorations to flowers. At this time, a pair of comfortable and stunning wedding shoes becomes extremely crucial since they are the key to completing the gorgeous wedding style and ensuring the comfort simultaneously.

To look perfect is not enough on the wedding day when everything is supposed to be perfect, you should feel as good as you look, thus, the shoes you wear must be comfortable to wear. Then what kind of wedding shoes can meet the needs of beauty and comfort at the same time? After finishing the following part, you will find the perfect wedding shoes.

Kitten heeled shoes – Kitten heeled shoes usually feature thin and low heels so that they are more comfortable to wear than thin high heels. Besides, this kind of heels always impresses people with feminine style which is rather suitable for the wedding look. When it comes to the choice of colors, it won’t go wrong to opt for classic white or ivory, but metallic colors could also be wonderful options to match the wedding dress.

Platform heels – When you walk down the aisle wearing a big smile, everyone will look at you and envy your happiness. At this time, if you fall down on the aisle, it will be the most embarrassing moment in your life and you will regret it forever. Thus, to walk elegantly and confidently, you should choose the comfortable platform heels instead of feet killing stilettos. For petite women, the optimal choice must be platform heels which can not only add the height to them but also ensure the comfort.

Apart from the two types of wedding shoes talked above, sometimes, for those tall women, flats can also be great choices. Either traditional white flats from bridal shoe designers or stylish silver flats from fashion boutiques will look wonderful on your feet. However, flats are not the recommended style for petite women. Anyway, to have a perfect wedding, you should wear a pair of comfortable and stylish wedding shoes.