Trendy Summer Outfits Ideas For Moms To Try Now36
Trendy Summer Outfits Ideas For Moms To Try Now36

44 Trendy Summer Outfits Ideas For Moms To Try Now

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You may already feel self conscious enough when you are pregnant as your body shape changes, so in order to feel good about how you look it is important to dress well. Most expectant mothers have to start wearing maternity clothing around the fourth month but that does not mean you have to abandon your sense of style.

Maternity clothing is much more than baggy sweaters and pants with elastic waist bands. Maternity clothes can be stylish, sexy, and fashionable. Today you can find a wide variety of stylish maternity clothes from top designers like Liz Lange.

Her line includes designer clothes for moms to be in the same materials that are used to dress fashion models on the runways in New York and Paris. Lange is one of a growing number of designers to recognize the need for stylish maternity clothes suitable for both every day wear and special occasions.

Upscale stores like A Pea in a Pod carry designer brand name maternity clothing from celebrities like Nicole Richie and Elle MacPherson. They not only have dresses and suits for future moms, but also carry an extensive line of designer lingerie and sleepwear.

Stylish maternity clothes can be expensive. If you are willing to shop around for second hand pregnancy wear, however, you can stylish maternity clothes that are as good as new at a fraction of the original price. Purchased new, 7 for all Mankind Guenevere Secret fit designer jeans will sell for more than $200, but you can find the same jeans slightly used at discount maternity sites for as little as $25.

If you need an evening gown for a special occasion you can expect to pay $250 for a new Lilly Pulitzer, but again shopping around a little or buying gently used could produce quite a bargain. When it comes to outfits for special occasions you have to figure the original purchaser probably only had reason to wear it once or twice.

If you are expecting during the hot Summer months and need something to wear around the pool or on the beach, there are several types of stylish maternity swimwear. Tankinis are extremely popular among expectant moms because they come in two pieces – a tank top for your upper half paired with a bikini bottom. You can also find a large assortment of cover ups for the pool in case hanging around in a swimsuit while pregnant makes you a bit uncomfortable.